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  • Steel tube packing machine

    Steel tube packing machine Packing material for tube packing machine

    The machine is widely used for steel tube, stainless steel tube, seamless tube, copper tube, aluminium tube, plastic tube, bars, profile steel, flat bar, etc. With high packing speed, wide packing range, easily operation, it is choice for improving the productivity and reducing the work time.
    Basic characteristics:
    It can be controlled by PLC microcomputer.
    It can be operated on HMI touch screen.
    It has manual/automatic working models to select.
    It has frequency conversion and speed regulation to set degree of overlapping of packing bandrandomly according to the demand.
    Horizontal height of center of the ring can be adjusted according to the subject dimension. Photoelectricity can trace length of package and position automatically.
    It can alarm automatically with trouble displayed in Chinese. Incoming and outgoing tension of package can be adjusted. Tape can stick to tail of package band automatically.
    It has individual control cabinet to increase operability and maintenance.

    Main parameters:
    Max tube diameter(mm): 850
    The length of the tube is not limited.
    Packing material: compound paper belts, woven belts, plastic membrane(W250mm)
    Transmission speed(m/min): 3-8
    Ring rotational speed(r/min): 50-70
    Transmission surface height(mm): 1000
    Effective load(kg): 3000
    Total power(kw): 9
    Voltage/frequency: 380V/50HZ
    Machine weight(kg): 3000
    Outline dimension(L*W*H)(mm): 19500*3500*2800