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  • ZG219 high frequency welded pipe mill

    • Pipe mill line

    • Welded pipe making machine

    • Pinching device

    • Accumulator

    Layout flow:
    Strip material → decoiler → shear and welder → accumulator → forming and sizing machine → flying saw → packing
    Moreover, include: electric control system, high frequency welder.
    Line composition:

    V-shape pre-discharging table (V coil stand)
    Hydraulic charging wagon (coil car)
    Hydraulic discharging machine (uncoiler)
    Leveler and flattener
    Shear and TIG welder.
    Horizontal strip accumulator.
    Forming, welding, cooling and sizing section. drive motor: DC 90kw×4
    Computer flying saw cut-off.
    End Milling and chamfering machine
    Baling press
    Driven roller run out table, Inspection table & collectors.
    Solid state H.F. induction welder: 600 kw, solid state type
    Rolls: rolls are manufactured out of AISI D3 D2 or E52100
    Hydraulic units
    Electrical panels

    Material to be processed: carbon steel, cold hot rolled pre slit strip coils of weld able grade with max. 0.2% carbon
    Type of production: round tubes squar, square and rectangular hollow sections
    Round tube outside diameter: min 114, max 219mm
    Square hollow section: min 90 x90, max 170x170 mm
    Rectangular hollow section: min 80x 100, max140x 200 mm
    Tube thickness: min 2.2, max 8.0 mm
    Forming line speed: max 45m/min (square and rectangular hollow shapes are produced at lower speeds depending on side to wall thickness ratio)
    Tube cut length: min 4 max 12 meter
    Length accuracy: ± 3mm